New Beginnings/Special Offerings/Recycling Fund Gifts





Shadow Hills Final Jan 2014

Click the link above to read our New Beginnings Assessment.

 Our Session, with support from the Presbytery of San Fernando, has completed a process called New Beginnings.  This is a program of our larger church that helps churches  renew their vision and mission.  We are excited and eager to discern the Spirit’s future for Shadow Hills Presbyterian Church.  Members of our Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) served on the New Beginnings Leadership Team along with several Ruling Elders.  The directions we discern in this process will guide us in our search for a new installed Pastor.

Here are the “next steps” we have begun to take since 2014 to renew and expand the SHPC ministry:

  1. Our first priority is to be practicing the new paradigm, turning outward.  We will begin to ask the question, “how is this helping us become a GO TO church?” every time we plan anything.
  2. There will be a small group/study and prayer component to whatever we do next. The Session, especially the spiritual formation team, will begin to plan for getting as many folks as possible involved in ongoing learning and thinking about mission, spirituality, justice, advocacy—whatever the hunger and the urge of session.
  3. We held a Session/PNC retreat to create a Mission Statement for the church.
  4. We can surely agree on one or two new ideas that could help us practice the new paradigm of moving outward. 
  5. We called a Town Hall Meeting for the first Sunday in May 2014 to report on all of this and get the congregation on board.
  6. Since April 2015 onwards, under the leadership of a new Head Pastor, Rev. Arlo Tysinger, and a reinvigorated Session of Elders, various projects and programs have either been initiated, revived, or enhanced to make SHPC the authentic “GO TO” church for individuals of diverse backgrounds and gifts.


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Whether you are an actively pledging SHPC Member, a Regular Attender, an occasional Visitor or a Guest just passing through, you are welcome and highly encouraged to contribute any time to any of these listed Special Offering Funds.

These funds  strategically support SHPC’s growing ministries even amidst trying economic times, without depleting our church’s Pledge-driven operating budget and modest reserves from trusts and savings:

  • First Sunday Fund

Feel free to give a dollar amount which matches the calendar date of each month’s 1st Sunday! For example, you can give an additional $3.00 (Three Dollars) this coming 1st Sunday/Communion Sunday of May 3.

  • Milestone Giving Fund

Whenever you and/or your loved ones have a major milestone worth commemorating or celebrating, such as a Wedding Anniversary, a Graduation, a Birthday, or even any pleasantly surprising windfalls (such as a raise or bonus from work; prize money won from a fun Las Vegas trip;  found money from an old couch crevice; etc.), you are welcome to share a fitting dollar amount to honor the auspicious occasion!

For example, if your birthday is June 7, 1975, you could choose to give $67.75 (matching the numerical date of 6/7/75). If you healthily lost 25 pounds, you could give $25.00. If you are celebrating your 15th Wedding Anniversary, you could give $15.00. If you earned a 4.0 GPA, you could give $4.00, and so on.

The creative possibilities for sharing joy and honoring memories through milestone giving can be truly fun and meaningful!

  • Deacons’ Fund

This is SHPC’s long-time standby fund to immediately and discreetly aid any member of our congregation or local community who reaches out to us in urgent times of verifiable distress. The aid provided is meant to help individuals confidentially get back on their feet with dignity. 

Over the years, the SHPC Deacons’ Fund has, among other things: restored water and power to indigent homes; paid for emergency repairs to family vehicles critically needed for work, school, and/or medical appointments; supplemented holiday food supplies for struggling families; and met medical expenses not covered by insurance.

These are just some of the many Deacons’ Fund applications which remind distressed individuals that our compassionate God is concretely present through timely human assistance.

The SHPC Deacons’ Fund thus welcomes additional financial gifts anytime – such as after each Sunday morning worship or Sunday afternoon PAWS service, or during weekday Church Office hours, Mon/Wed/Fri, 9am-1pm – so SHPC can best meet individual emergencies without delay.


  1. Just as with regular Pledges for Cash and Check gifts, these Special Offering Funds also have their own separately labeled envelopes (available at the Pews, at the SHPC Narthex Table, or upon request from the Church Office) for you to conveniently use when you are willing and able to do so.
  2. Don’t forget to include your Complete Name, Mailing Address, & Payment Type (“Cash” or “Check”) when labeling any of your SHPC Envelopes (i.e. Pledge, Loose Offerings/Welcome/Pew Envelope, and any of the following Special Offering Envelopes), since every financial gift you make to any SHPC fund is Tax-Deductible.
  3. If you are interested in giving through secure Electronic Debit means from your own checking/savings/credit account, please kindly contact our Church Office by phone during our weekday office hours (Tues/Wed/Thurs, 9am-1pm) or by e-mail any time as listed on our “Contact Us” page to explore various set-up options.




A. In front of SHPC’s Kitchen: Two (2) or more Bins for CRV-friendly Metal Cans, Plastic Containers, and Glass Containers

Two (2) or more huge circular bins are available, where one can drop off used metal cans, glass containers, and plastic bottles/jugs any time, as long as they have the CRV logo stamped on their labels or container body.

Label or container body recycling codes to look for include:

  • CA CRV
  • California Redemption Value
  • CA Redemption Value
  • California Cash Refund

This means that these items do earn cash value at the professional recycling centers SHPC volunteers take them to!


Please keep in mind that in addition to the usual soda/juice/water drink containers, there are other kinds of can and plastic containers which can possibly be recycled for much welcome additional church cash too too – such as the containers we use for our hair care & hygiene, medicines/supplements, etc.

Generally, the most recyclable plastic containers are marked under recycling codes 1 and 2, while generally most glass consumer containers can earn recycling cash too as long as they have the CRV code on.


Please feel free to drop off whatever applicable recyclable cans, glass containers, and plastic containers you can afford to spare at SHPC’s cans & plastics bins in front of the Kitchen.

B. In the Room next to the SHPC Narthex: Printer Cartridge Recycling Bin


In the room next to the SHPC Narthex is a bin dedicated to collecting empty printer cartridges you could spare from your home and/or workplace.

It is generally a good habit to thoughtfully scour your home, workplace, vehicle, and the like for various cash-earning recyclable items that one could gather up on a regular basis (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.) in a trash bag you could keep in the trunk of your vehicle or another secure area. This helps one be mindful of setting aside recyclables for drop-off at any of SHPC’s dedicated bins.

SHPC’s revitalized Recycling Fund program not only save our local landfills and waterways from waste.

It also helps SHPC accumulate additional cash that can steadily supplement our operating costs without depleting our modest savings and reserves.