Shadow Hills Presbyterian Church of Sunland, California is involved in Missions & Outreach …

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In our immediate Sunland-Tujunga and Foothills Neighborhood through…

Shadow Hills PreschoolNow entering over 6 decades of service nurturing the love of learning, nature, and faith among its students!


SHPC and Shadow Hills Preschool Community GardenWe publicly launched on February 20, 2016 (the 3rd Saturday of February 2016) our on-site Community Garden that organically raises seasonal local produce (ex. pumpkins, raspberries, tomatoes, and more)! With this, we can supplement the fresh food supply of our local food banks. Crops can be used to make artisanal food for timely fund-raising sales too.

Included among our community partners are: Tierra del Sol Foundation, Ann Urich of the University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) at UC Davis, and our local Girl Scout Troop 1306! Initial supply donations were made by Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH) of La Crescenta, CA. Master Gardener Anne Urich works with us to implement non-toxic composting, drought-resistant water collection and usage, and more while teaching our other volunteers of any age the principles of sustainable and cost-effective community gardening.

raspberrycommunitygarden communitygardendaisy

A raspberry and a sunflower became the first of many anticipated blossoms from the SHPC Community Garden! 

Donations of time, tools, supplies, etc. are always welcome! Please kindly coordinate with either our Buildings and Grounds Elders Armand Kohut, or Pastor Arlo Tysinger, regarding needed donations and volunteer efforts.

Item donations that are welcome for the SHPC Community Garden are:

  1. Fruit Trees – Meyer’s Lemon, Dwarf Avocado, Plum, Apple
  2. Tumbler Composting Bins with Two Chambers
  3. Worm Farm
  4. Hoses
  5. Rain Collection Barrels
  6. Shovels
  7. Outdoor Paint for the SHPC Garden Mural
  8. Table to be adapted for accessible gardening for the disabled

SHPC Church Lady Booth Ministry – An as-needed fellowship ministry of applied talents in practical and creative areas like crocheting, knitting, packaging preserved foods (soups, jams), and other types of nurturing craftsmanship, this volunteer group spearheaded by Elder Rose Kukla and Natalie Murphy meets in the Church Office every Wednesday between 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon to design items for sale during fundraising partnership events, such as the Crafters of Sunland-Tujunga Fair hosted by SHPC. Donations of thoughtfully handmade novelty items are always welcome. 


SHPC Youth Souperbowl of CaringEvery Superbowl Sunday in February, the SHPC Youth under the guidance of the SHPC Elders in charge of Christian Education and Mission/Outreach Ministries, hosts a post-Sunday Morning Service meal of lovingly homemade soups from different cultures and of varied dietary persuasions (including vegan, low-sodium, gluten-free, et. al).

Desserts are typically supplied on sale by our local area Girl Scout troop, plus coffee, tea, juice, and/or water plus other donated sides, to raise welcome cash and check funds – as well as donations of non-expired canned food items – to supplement the mid-winter pantry stock of our local area Food Banks.


A trio consisting of 1 Starck teen male and 2 teen Urias-Thompson females serve at Souperbowl of Caring 2017 inside the SHPC Parlor!

SHPC Holiday Dinner Baskets To Go for Christmas/Winter Season and Easter/Spring Season On the Saturday mornings prior to Christmas Eve and Easter Sunday each year, local Sunland-Tujunga area individuals, couples, and families in need (who were discreetly referred to us by SHPC regular attenders/members and partner organizations) get their own robust major Christian holiday-themed, to-go dinner baskets containing both perishable and non-perishable/canned/bottled items.

These Holiday Dinner Basket items include, but are not limited to: Christmas turkeys w/ age-appropriate gifts; Easter hams w/ dyed egg treats; Apple Cider; mashed or bagged potatoes; canned pineapple rings; canned yams; canned green beans; Hawaiian Rolls: seasonal pies; butter or margarine; whipped cream; fruit preserves/jams/jellies; updated SHPC and Partner Program information on applicable ministries and resources for self-empowerment; etc..

SHPCDeaconsFundEnvelopeThe cash that funds these holiday season-themed dinner basket item acquisitions comes from the SHPC Deacons’ Fund – which welcomes year-round monetary donations towards this ministry.

SHPC Holiday Dinner Basket recipients either pick up their baskets from the SHPC Parlor or have their baskets delivered for free to their Sunland-Tujunga area homes, c/o willing and able church volunteers.


Please kindly consider donating monetarily to the SHPC Deacons’ Fund and/or volunteering your time & effort in the assembly, distribution, and/or or free home delivery of the SHPC Holiday Dinner Baskets through becoming part of the SHPC Mission & Outreach Committee.

If/when you need to confidentially refer a local area neighbor, friend, or even your own selves/households being in need of these seasonal holiday dinner and pantry items: Please kindly contact the SHPC Mission & Outreach Elders. For 2018-2019, the SHPC Mission & Outreach Elders are: Rhona Lopez Nath (Cell # 818-415-1390 or e-mail: rhonacristyl@yahoo.com) and Dianne Travis (Cell # 818-749-6380 or e-mail: diannettravis@gmail.com). 

SHPC Quilting GroupA monthly fellowship group that takes place at SHPC every Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon which just started Feb. 26, 2016!

A lot of these SHPC ladies are also highly-skilled, long-time members of San Fernando Valley, California’s Quilters for Others (Q4O) too, so it’s thoroughly plugged into a lot of small-to-large scale opportunities to apply any level of quilting talents towards worthwhile causes and universal camaraderie!

Just bring your own sewing machine, basic sewing supplies, and an extension cord so you can sew away at anything while enjoying the company of others.

You can work on your own project, or develop a charity quilt, an item for fundraising boutique sales (such as the Saturday, Apr. 16, 2016 Crafters of Sunland-Tujunga Fair at SHPC), or a quilt square following the theme “The Women of the Bible”.

Fabric will be provided for your proposed charity quilts and fundraising boutique sale items. This group is led by our very own expert quilter, Nancy Turney.


SHPC Quilters Include (from L-R): Margaret Henken, Nancy Turney, Rose Kukla, Benita Sito, Esther Beardsley, and Linda Deckard, displaying one of the quilts lovingly made for survivors of various US-based terrorist attacks in 2016.


Special mention is also due to Frances Rice Farrand for considerately volunteering her own technologically sophisticated, 6,000 patterns and more, home-based quilting workshop for special SHPC Quilting Group projects, such as: The January-July 8, 2017 Fund-Raising Raffle (only $5/ticket!) for Centro Desarrollo Integral/CDI, aka the Presbyterian School for Children at Bogota, Colombia, as initiated by Frances’ daughter (seen above with the raffle prize quilt inside the SHPC Parlor), Crystal Farrand!

The Bailey Human Care Center at Tujunga United Methodist Church on 9901 Tujunga Canyon Blvd., Tujunga, CA 91042, PH # 818-473-4185.

– Offers the following to working poor families with children, disabled residents, and indigent seniors who live within the Zip Code Areas of 91020, 91021, 91040, 91042, 91214, and 91342 and are proactively seeking to prevent falling into homelessness themselves:

  • Food Pantry: Wednesdays & Fridays between 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.; 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month between 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon


  • Clothes Closet: Fridays, 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 noon; 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.
  • Supplementing these ongoing needs helps our struggling neighbors prevent homelessness by not forcing them to choose between paying for housing (ex. rent, mortgage, utilities) and paying for food, clothes, medicine, school supplies, and other life essentials from their meager household wages or income.
  • For ongoing updates on Bailey Human Care Center’s schedule of community services and volunteering opportunities, please feel free to call its host church site, Tujunga United Methodist Church, at PH # 818-473-4185.

Compassion Food Ministry/Hot 5th Sunday of the Month Community Dinners hosted by SHPC at Chapel of the Hills at Chapel of Hills on 11120 Oro Vista Drive, Sunland, CA 91040, c/o the local non-profit organization Making It Happen, Inc. at PH # 818-398-6232.

  • Offers Hot Sunday Dinners between 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. to the Sunland-Tujunga community’s children and adults in need.


  • SHPC is currently volunteering to cook fresh dinners on site and give out homemade portable desserts (ex. chocolate chip cookies, brownies, etc.) every 5th Sunday of the month at Chapel of the Hills throughout each calendar year.
  • The SHPC Missions and Outreach Team always welcomes volunteers for:
  • a) Main Entree Cooks (home-based) – cooking an assigned recipe (good enough to feed at least 10 people; so ideally 6 to 8 volunteer chefs from the SHPC members/attenders/friends are needed) at home, then delivering the entree to the Chapel of the Hills kitchen by 3:00 p.m. on the 5th Sunday of the month
  • b) Dessert Cooks (home-based) – baking non-melting assigned dessert item at home, then delivering the desserts either to the SHPC Narthex right before or after the 5th Sunday of the month 10 am service, or at the Chapel of the Hills kitchen itself by 3:00 p.m. that same 5th Sunday of the month
  • c)  Onsite Side Dishes Prep Staff (Chapel of the Hills kitchen) – helping with heating/boiling/slicing/whatever else is needed to prep the assigned side dishes made in the Chapel of the Hills’ compact kitchen itself, between 3:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. on the 5th Sunday of the month
  • d) Onsite Dining Room Prep Staff (Chapel of the Hills dining room) – helping to prepare Chapel of the Hills’ dining room tables, disposable plates, utensils, etc. between 3:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on the 5th Sunday of the month
  • e) Onsite Meal Servers & To-Go Food Bag Assemblers (Chapel of the Hills dining room and kitchen) – distributing the fresh, homemade main entree with onsite kitchen-prepped side dishes and fresh, homemade desserts to our dining room guests either in dine-in or to-go form, between 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • f) Onsite Post-Community Dinner Clean Up Crew (Chapel of the Hills dining room and kitchen) – helping clean up the Chapel of the Hills’ dining room and kitchen after the community dinner.
  • Volunteers who donate their ingredients, labor, gas mileage, and the like to these 5th Sunday of the month, SHPC-hosted Community Dinners are advised to keep track of their ingredient receipts, man hours, gas mileage, etc. in time for tax time 😉
  • For more information on the year-round programs to prevent homelessness/unemployment/health crises in the immediate Sunland-Tujunga neighborhood, please feel free to directly reach out to our non-profit, 501 (c)(3) partner for these 5th Sunday of the month community dinners: Making It Happen, Inc. at PH # 818-398-6232.

Tierra del Sol Empowering adults with special needs and their families throughout Los Angeles County with a wide range of educational, employment, and creative arts opportunities for over 4 decades. Its volunteers have also graciously helped keep SHPC’s facilities well-maintained over the years in the spirit of good community.


Ahead with Horses Los Angeles –  AHEAD (Accelerated Habilitation Education And Development) WITH HORSES INC. has an over 47-year history of providing unique, highly motivating and effective therapy, education and recreation through horses and related experiences to disabled/disadvantaged/at-risk/special-needs children and has earned recognition educationally, medically and scientifically. 


Through vaulting (gymnastics on a moving horse), even severely disabled children learn and achieve with the goal of enabling them to lead more independent and productive lives. SHPC members and attenders such as Jennifer Hall have been proactively involved in supporting various AHEAD w/ Horses LA events and activities!

Shadow Hills Convalescent Hospital – Over the years, various SHPC volunteers have held Bible Studies, visits, on-site movie screenings, and the like forms of meaningful companionship to the clients of Shadow Hills Convalescent Hospital, a 67-bed skilled nursing facility that has provided, for over 45 years now, both short-term rehabilitation and long-term care to those with lingering significant illnesses and/or injuries.


Shadow Hills Convalescent Hospital does its best to accommodate clients who are referred to them via Medicaid, Medicare, the Veterans’ Administration, and the like entities that cater to individuals with a diverse range of needs. It thus welcomes additional donations of time, funding, and the like too, to make sure that clients of any background can have steady access to quality care.

American Letter Carriers’/US Postal Service Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive every 2nd Saturday of May On the Saturday morning (10am to 12 nn) before Mothers’ Day yearly, some volunteer SHPC members/attenders use their personal trucks to transport bags of non-perishable food items collected by the Sunland Post Office carriers and deliver such to the Bailey Human Care Center in Tujunga United Methodist Church. Between 2pm to 6pm that same Saturday before Mothers’ Day, other volunteer SHPC members/attenders flexibly donate their labor in efficiently sorting the donated non-perishable food items for discreet distribution to local area at-risk/in-need local individuals, couples, and families. 


Even if one cannot volunteer their own large transport vehicles during that Saturday morning, or spare their labor and time efficiently sorting donated non-perishable food items, at least please kindly consider leaving out for your local US Postal Service route carrier a food bag of non-perishable items your household can spare, just in time for the yearly 2nd Saturday of May Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive!

Tujunga Group Seventh-Day Adventists Hispanic Ministry (TSDA) – A Spanish-language, Christian ministry from our Seventh-Day Adventists friends held every Saturday.

TSDA begins its Saturday morning-long 9:00 a.m. service inside the SHPC Chapel, followed by a Potluck Lunch that is held inside the SHPC Parlor through 2:00 p.m. It embraces bilingual Spanish-English speakers of diverse origins representing the cultures originating Central and South America. It also has its own Homeless Outreach Ministry that serves hot meals to our neighbors in need.

TSDA is eager to assist SHPC and the Shadow Hills Presbyterian Pre-School in maintaining and developing the SHPC Community Garden during the Spring and Summer seasons, to grow fresh food for our neighbors and foster fellowship with other nature-loving volunteers!

SHPC’s hosting of the growing TSDA ministry is integrally in line with SHPC’s long-standing tradition of nurturing hospitality towards other budding local Christian congregations.

For more information about TSDA, please kindly contact TSDA Church Elder Tony Gomez at Cell # 818-421-4475 or through his e-mail (mardoqueo_gomez@hotmail.com).

TSDAGroupPhoto1Dec2017 TSDAGroupPhoto2YouthDec2017

 Since Fall of 2017, the Tujunga Seventh-Day Adventist (TSDA) Hispanic Ministry has been holding its services inside the SHPC Chapel and hosting its Potluck Lunch Fellowship inside the SHPC Parlor every Saturday between 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., featuring multi-generational Latin American hospitality, cuisine, and Christian fellowship to its members!

 Christian Outreach to Armenians in California (COAC) An Armenian-language evangelical Christian ministry that holds services for its adults in the SHPC Chapel every Sunday at 5:30 p.m., as well as its K-5 Sunday School and Youth Ministry lessons at the SHPC Parlor at the same time, followed by a COAC Potluck Community Dinner at 6:30 p.m.

SHPC’s hosting of the growing COAC ministry is integrally in line with SHPC’s long-standing tradition of nurturing hospitality towards other budding local Christian congregations.

We are grateful to the prior Armenian evangelical ministry that had met here, Pastor Zorik Pirvesyan’s The Way of the Shepherd, for having graciously referred the growing COAC family to our welcoming campus.

For more information in both English and Armenian about COAC, please kindly refer to the phone numbers listed below of their fellow Armenian friends, the Pirvesyan family, from the prior Way of the Shepherd ministry leadership, as well as COAC’s own Pastoral Ministry PH # 818-588-2537.


From Top to Bottom: Evangelical Christian Armenian Pastor Zorik Pirvesyan and his wife Rosalyn, the leaders of the prior The Way of the Shepherd ministry who graciously referred COAC to SHPC, posing inside the SHPC Chapel; “Country Living in Shadow Hills”signage beside the 3 signs of SHPC, Shadow Hills Presbyterian Preschool, and The COAC sign in Armenian (seen when one is driving or walking from the Glenoaks Blvd area) and the other side of the 3 signs (seen when one is driving or walking from the 210 Fwy ramp entrance/exit for Sunland Blvd near Ralph’s Supermarket) featuring the COAC in English, with PH # 818-588-2537.\.

For more information about COAC, please kindly contact directly the leadership of the prior referring Armenian Christian ministry, The Way of The Shepherd: Pastor Zorik Pirvesyian (PH # 818-441-6496; e-mail: zpirvesyian@yahoo.com) or its Youth Leader, Tim Pirvesyian (PH # 818-441-4319, e-mail: timpir737@yahoo.com) – as well as current COAC Elder Albert at Cell # 818-288-8293, and the current COAC Pastoral Team at PH # 818-588-2537.


In addition to our involvement in various local, regional, and national levels of church governance within the Presbyterian Church of the USA (leftmost icon), Shadow Hills Presbyterian Church of Sunland, California is also a participant in the US-wide Caring Across Generations network (middle icon) through its only faith-based, inclusively ecumenical chapter: Caring Across Generations’ Faith-Based Los Angeles coalition (rightmost icon showing symbols of various religions practices throughout the diverse San Fernando Valley area)

Throughout San Fernando Valley, the US West Coast, and the rest of the 50 US States through…

The Presbytery of San Fernando – Overseeing a diverse range of 26 PCUSA churches and 3 churches in development throughout northwest corner of Los Angeles County, California, including significant sections of Antelope Valley. A Presbytery is a district governing body of PCUSA, coordinating efforts and dialogue for local churches geographically connected across similar counties, valleys, coasts, and the like. PCUSA presently has 172 Presbyteries nationwide.


Caring Across Generations:Faith-Based Southern California (CAG:fbSoCal) An ecumenical organization based in San Fernando Valley which promotes regular public education workshops and dialogue-driven advocacy of local/state/federal policy makers regarding updating society’s planning and resource allocation for health care, aging, and caregiving as a professional vocation deserving of living wages, sustainable benefits, and respected occupational safety and education standards/licensing. Caring for the injured/ill/aging is a universal phenomena across any faith group and ethnicity.

caringacrossgenerationslogo2017The Caring Across Generations national movement logo is that of a parent dove and an offspring dove, symbolic of the evolving relationships of support older and younger family members have universally.

This being said, CAG:fbSoCal partners with secular organizations such as the Institute for Religious Tolerance, Peace, and Justice, the  Pilipino Workers Center, and Hand in Hand: The Domestic Employers Network, to also connect like-minded major faith congregations and non-profits represented in Los Angeles, California’s San Fernando Valley (considered the USA’s largest suburb), including: Roman Catholic Christian (St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church of North Hollywood and St. Genevieve Catholic Church of Panorama City), Mainline Protestant Christian (Shadow Hills Presbyterian Church of Sunland, First Christian Church of North Hollywood/A Disciples of Christ congregation), Muslim (Islamic Center of Reseda, Muslims for Progressive Values, Muslim Women Speakers’ Movement), Jewish (Adat Ari El of Valley Village, Temple Judea of Tarzana, Temple Beth Hillel of Encino, Bend the Arc: Jewish Partnership for Justice), the Encino Baha’i Center, and the Sikh Coalition, to develop informed stances and collective action programs towards making everyone’s quality of life and relationships sustainable materially and spiritually, even amidst the rising costs of longer life spans ahead.




CAG:fbLA, as represented by the multi-faith symbol wheel on the leftmost icon, actively partners with secular, professional non-profit research and advocacy organizations such as the Institute for Religious Intolerance, Peace, and Justice, the Pilipino Workers Center, and Hand in Hand: The Domestic Employers Network, to organize meaningful and action-oriented education and advocacy programs throughout San Fernando Valley.

The Synod of Southern California and Hawaii An alliance of 7 Presbyteries spread across the US West Coast and Pacific Ocean: Los Ranchos, Presbytery of the Pacific, Riverside, San Diego, San Fernando, San Gabriel, and Santa Barbara. A Synod is a regional governing body of PCUSA, linking various immediately neighboring Presbyteries. PCUSA presently has 16 Synods nationwide.


Presbyterian Covenant Community Fund (aka Per Capita Fund)Every year, PCUSA members across 11,000 congregations and mid-councils contribute in a special blue offertory envelope a modest, once-a-year, tax-deductible monetary gift into the Presbyterian Covenant Community Fund, which is also known as the Per Capita Fund.

This amount is equitably and sustainably distributed to a congregation’s Presbytery, Synod, and PCUSA’s national governance, the General Assembly that is managed by PCUSA’s HQ staff based in Louisville, KY (see structural diagram above, wherein each local church Session or leadership councils in turn send representative commissioners to work with a district-level Presbytery, then from here, a regional multi-state Synod is fed into, and from each regional Synod there are General Assembly commissioners and advisory delegates for various working committees that meet every 2 years at an agreed upon US city location, on an even numbered year).

Unlike other religious organizations that take a top-down, order-giving approach, PCUSA keeps with its long-standing grassroots-based tradition of accountable, transparent leadership, dialogue, and cooperative action.

Per Capita funds are mostly kept within the Presbytery – given that congregations in each Presbytery have diverse needs and thus welcome additional help from fellow Presbytery congregations too, as our shared ministry work grows even in challenging times.

Per Capita funds also subsidize the travel, room and board, and other work-related costs of the commissioners and advisory delegates of the biannual, even-numbered years only General Assembly of PCUSA. Without timely Per Capita funds, many of our General Assembly workers and delegates from around the 50 US states would otherwise be unable to afford to meet in person with others to effectively provide guidance to PCUSA’s 1.8 million members.

Per Capita funds also subsidize the ongoing work of the Presbyterian Historical Society of PCUSA in collecting, preserving, and sharing the heritage of the American Presbyterian and Reformed tradition.

Truly, the Presbyterian Covenant Community Fund, aka the Per Capita Fund, is a timely start of the year gift each PCUSA member makes to concretely maintain the solidarity and quality of PCUSA’s shared nationwide ministry and long-standing heritage.



 Traveling throughout South America, Rev. Sarah Henken (middle) works directly with a diverse range of indigenous and mixed-race South American citizens to make a positive Christian impact in their daily lives.

Traveling throughout South America, Rev. Sarah Henken (middle) works directly with a diverse range of indigenous and mixed-race South American citizens to make a positive Christian impact in their daily lives.

Throughout the World through…

The Reverend Sarah Henken – Our Mission Partner in Colombia – An SHPC member since 1997, Sarah started her overseas mission work with PCUSA’s Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) Program in 2002, after she earned her BA in Music and Spanish Literature at Occidental College. Her YAV work took her to Uruguay and Argentina through 2005, which is when she started to pursue her Master’s in Divinity degree from Chicago’s McCormick Theological Seminary.

After earning her M.Div., she became the Coordinator for Presbyterian World Mission’s Ministry of Accompaniment in Colombia, providing timely protection and support for this country’s embattled human rights workers. From July 2010 onwards, she is the Presbyterian World Mission’s Regional Liaison for the Andean Region, supporting various social justice and development needs in Bolivia, Colombia (where she is still currently based), Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela.

Sarah still occasionally visits the USA, joining her family in SHPC (her musician parents John and Margaret Henken, as well as the family of her sister Jessica Henken-Abernathy, Jessica’s husband David Abernathy, and their young daughter Victoria) for worship and outreach projects whenever she can.


Global Mission of the Presbyterian Church (USA) – Working with a wide range of global partners in over 100 countries for almost 2 centuries on various long-term programs, including but not limited to: a) providing quality education for children, b) training community leaders in transformative leadership; and c) ending violence against women and children.


One Great Hour of Sharing – Collecting special monetary gifts (whether using the iconic Fish Banks that both children and adults love to place donations in, during Lent through Easter season in person, at their local PCUSA church, or even through the year-round One Great Hour of Sharing online giving button found on the PCUSA website, as can be clicked on through the highlighted link) to be equitably distributed across 3 outreach arms: Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, Presbyterian Hunger Program, and the Presbyterian Committee for the Self-Development of People/SDOP. These three grant-giving and organizational training ministries all benefit both short-term and long-term projects and programs meant to empower communities from the grassroots up to adapt positively through various types of adversity, in over 100 countries – including of course the United States of America itself!



Christmas Joy Offering – Providing timely financial assistance to current and former church workers and their families (Assistance Program of the Board of Pensions) while also providing scholarships to deserving students seeking to attend Presbyterian-related racial ethnic colleges and schools (Racial Ethnic Leadership Development).  While this program is typically highlighted throughout PCUSA congregations during Advent season (Nov. 29 through Dec. 20), this is actually a year-round program which welcomes credit/debit card donations through PCUSA’s secure online portal too.


From L-R: Students at Menaul School in Albuquerque, NM (a beneficiary of PCUSA’s Racial Ethnic Leadership Development program to train future lay and clergy leaders across various cultures); Retired ministers and church workers who benefit from PCUSA’s Assistance Program from the Board of Pensions.

CROP Hunger Walk Raising funds and awareness against global hunger through yearly, community-wide charity walks.


Peace & Global Witness OfferingFunding education and mediation programs locally and worldwide that address a wide range of ongoing conflict management fields, such as: domestic violence, bullying, human trafficking, criminal gang activity, racial/religious strife, and the like. Around 25% of each individual’s Peace & Global Witness Offering goes to local peacemaking initiatives. This program is typically highlighted during the months of September and October, culminating in World Communion Sunday. Online donations via credit/debit card through PCUSA’s website are also accepted for this program year-round.


*Click through each active Web link about each affiliated ministry or non-profit organization, to get updated about how we can all make a difference through any of these venues over time!*